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Reena Vokoun - Passion Fit (Episode #004)

Episode Summary

“It's that inner confidence, that inner gratitude, that deep sense of, ‘You know what, I'm happy with who I am. And yes, I might have areas that I want to improve on. And yes, I want to grow and learn, but that's life.’ And that's something to be celebrated, that you are going to keep growing and evolving as a person, but who you are today and who you are now is every bit as lovely.” —Reena Vokoun

Episode Notes

This episode features Reena Vokoun (@passionfitllc), founder and CEO of Passion Fit. Join Reena and I for a candid and heartfelt discussion about:

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More About Reena Vokoun

Reena Vokoun

Reena is a writer, public speaker, activewear designer, online course creator, media spokesperson and award-winning fitness champion. She's a certified health and wellness expert in the areas of fitness, nutrition and behavior change coaching through the American Council on Exercise, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, American Heart Association and IDEA Fitness.

Reena graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.S. in Advertising and Communications from Boston University. She spent 18 years in corporate America working in marketing, sales and business development roles for companies such as Google, Reebok, Yahoo and more.

In addition to running Passion Fit, she's a Women in Management Facilitator for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and an Alumni Board Member for the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.

Her own experiences and witnessing others, have shown her how much overwork and stress can impact your health and life. Therefore, she's passionate about educating others, especially professional women and moms and helping them take control of their lives in these areas. 

Today, she serves companies, nonprofits, universities, schools and the media through wellness education and training in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, work-life balance, productivity and healthy lifestyles. Her Passion Fit products, services and content include online courses, wellness consulting/coaching, local fitness and dance classes, an activewear line, wellness retreats, workshops and speaking engagements, a YouTube channel of online videos, a blog and more.

She's featured regularly as a health contributor on the Fox KTVU news morning show, speaks to hundreds of people within various organizations and companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intuit and Juniper Networks, shares her perspective on podcast interviews, writes a monthly health column for the Los Altos Town Crier and also writes for Thrive Global, Shape and Working Mother in addition to her own Passion Fit blog. Finally, as a mom, wife and first-generation-born Indian-American, she has a unique and holistic perspective to help others balance it